Case Machining

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911 Oil Squirters

911 squirters can keep you pistons over 100 degrees cooler by spraying the back of the crown with oil.

Bore Case for Larger Cylinders

Larger pistons and cylinders is a great way to add more power to your VW motor. Price includes decking the cylinder mating surface.

Case Cleaning

We will clean your case in our Better Engineering heated parts washer to get all that grease and grit out.

Clearance for Stroker Crank

Cranks larger than 74mm will require machine work on the case to make them fit. The larger the crank, the more work is required to make them fit.

Cut for Sand Seal

Keep the dust and dirt out of your engine with a sand seal.

Deck Cylinder Surface

The cylinder surface must be flat and true to ensure a proper seal. We reference off the crank center-line to ensure the deck is parallel to the crank.

Drill and Tap All Oil Galleries

There is simply no way to get your case clean without removing all the gallery plugs. You would be amazed at how much junk we find in some of the blind corners!

Drill and Tap for Full Flow

Every air cooled VW engine will benefit from a full flow oil filter from stock to 2332cc street motors.

Drill, Tap and Install Case Savers

Case Savers will help to prevent head studs from pulling out of your case.

Hoover Mods

The Type 1 based air cooled VW engine has a flawed oil system design that does not allow enough oil to the 1-2 side of the case. The Hoover mods fix this flaw.

Line Bore

Choose from +.020", +.040", +.060" or +.080".

Main Bearing Dowel Pin Repair

Loose main bearing dowel pins are common and will cause you troubles down the road.

Shuffle Pin Center Mains

Choose from center two only or all 6

Thrust Cut

We prefer to take a minimal amount off the case and cut the bearing to match.

Weld Behind #3

Weld a patch into the pocket behind the #3 cylinder to prevent this area from cracking.