Drill, Tap and Install Case Savers

Case Savers will help to prevent head studs from pulling out of your case.

A pulled head stud is not a fun thing to have happen.  Make sure your case has Case Savers installed when you build your next motor.  This price does not include the case savers themselves.  We offer several sizes to suite your needs.  Give us a call and we will help you figure out your best option.  This price includes the cost of the case savers.

  The customer is responsible for shipping the case both directions.
  Your packing materials must be reusable or we will charge a packing fee.
  Your case must be clean, no oil, dirt or grime or we will charge a cleaning fee.
  The studs must be removed or we will charge a $20 stud removal fee.
  This price does not include return shipping.  Actual shipping amount will be charged when your case is returned.

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