Main Bearing Dowel Pin Repair

Loose main bearing dowel pins are common and will cause you troubles down the road.

The dowel pins on VW main bearings tend to work themselves loose over time.  While the case is apart, it is a fairly simple fix.  Depending on the condition lf the case we may use an epoxy or we may weld the hole up.  We will then drill a new hole and install a factory pin.  No special pins, nothing glued in place.  

Price is per pin.


  The customer is responsible for shipping the case both directions.
  Your packing materials must be reusable or we will charge a packing fee.
  Your case must be clean, no oil, dirt or grime or we will charge a cleaning fee.
  The studs must be removed or we will charge a $20 stud removal fee.
  This price does not include return shipping.  Actual shipping amount will be charged when your case is returned.
  This price does not include the cost of the bearings.  We can supply you with bearings or you can ship yours to us with your case.


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