Line Bore

Choose from +.020", +.040", +.060" or +.080".

Line boring a VW case should only be done by a trained professional with the proper tools.  Most shops that do line boring have a bar and a set of cutters that were set years ago and have not been checked to ensure accuracy for years.  Here at Vintage Volks, we have a special micrometer that is used specifically for checking the cutter depth to ensure your case is cut to exact factory specifications.  In addition, you get a cut sheet that shows the exact measurements for your case when we are done.

We have actually seen a set of bearings that were off by .003" in both directions in 1 set of bearings; 1 was .003" small, the other was .003" big.  And that was in the same set!  Because of this, we will not guarantee bearing fitment if you supply the bearings.

Check out our video on YouTube to see how we do it!

  The customer is responsible for shipping the case both directions.
  Your packing materials must be reusable or we will charge a packing fee.
  Your case must be clean, no oil, dirt or grime or we will charge a cleaning fee.
  The studs must be removed or we will charge a $20 stud removal fee.
  This price does not include return shipping.  Actual shipping amount will be charged when your case is returned.
  This price does not include the cost of the bearings.  We can supply you with bearings or you can ship yours to us with your case.


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