Cylinder Head Work

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3 Angle Valve Job - Per Head

Cylinder heads are where the power is made. A 3 angle valve job will help your heads flow much more air and create much more power.

Bore Heads for Larger Cylinders - Per Head

Larger pistons and cylinders is a great way to add more power to your VW motor.

Cut for Dual Springs - Per Head

With higher lift cams and larger valves, you need more seat pressure. That means dual springs!

Cylinder Head Rebuild - Per Head

A good quality rebuilt factory head will out perform and out last a Chinese built head - Every Time!

Cylinder Head Vapor Hone - Per Head

There is no better way to clean your cylinder heads than to run them through the vapor hone cabinet.

Valve Guide Replacement

Vintage Volks will replace your warn valve guides the way the factory intended. We don't do it at room temperature!

Valve Stem Seals - Per Head

Eliminate oil consumption through the valve guides with Teflon valve stem seals.