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3 Angle Valve Job - Per Head

Cylinder heads are where the power is made. A 3 angle valve job will help your heads flow much more air and create much more power.

Cut for Dual Springs - Per Head

With higher lift cams and larger valves, you need more seat pressure. That means dual springs!

Hoover Mods

The Type 1 based air cooled VW engine has a flawed oil system design that does not allow enough oil to the 1-2 side of the case. The Hoover mods fix this flaw.

Bore Case for Larger Cylinders

Larger pistons and cylinders is a great way to add more power to your VW motor. Price includes decking the cylinder mating surface.

Clearance for Stroker Crank

Cranks larger than 74mm will require machine work on the case to make them fit. The larger the crank, the more work is required to make them fit.

Drill, Tap and Install Case Savers

Case Savers will help to prevent head studs from pulling out of your case.

Line Bore

Choose from +.020", +.040", +.060" or +.080".

Shuffle Pin Center Mains

Choose from center two only or all 6