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4140 Forged Counterweighted Crankshaft - 69mm - VW Journal

This crank comes in a variety of stroke lengths and is an excellent choice for a mild stroker street motor on a budget.

Clearance for Stroker Crank

Cranks larger than 74mm will require machine work on the case to make them fit. The larger the crank, the more work is required to make them fit.

Deck Cylinder Surface

The cylinder surface must be flat and true to ensure a proper seal. We reference off the crank center-line to ensure the deck is parallel to the crank.

Drill, Tap and Install Case Savers

Case Savers will help to prevent head studs from pulling out of your case.

Dual IDF Style Kit with CB Manifolds & Linkage - 40mm for Type 1

This set is made up from a very nice IDF copy and rounded out with CB Performance manifolds, air cleaners and linkage. It comes in 3 sizes so they will work on anything from a stock 1600 to your next monster stroker motor.

Line Bore

Choose from +.020", +.040", +.060" or +.080".

Shuffle Pin Center Mains

Choose from center two only or all 6

Thrust Cut

We prefer to take a minimal amount off the case and cut the bearing to match.

Weld Behind #3

Weld a patch into the pocket behind the #3 cylinder to prevent this area from cracking.