Deck Cylinder Surface

The cylinder surface must be flat and true to ensure a proper seal. We reference off the crank center-line to ensure the deck is parallel to the crank.

A clean, flat an parallel cylinder deck is critical to any air cooled motor build from stock to 2332cc.  If your deck surface is not flat your cylinders will not seal gainst the case or the heads propery and your pistons will not run true in the cylinders.  This will rob you of horsepower and efficency as well as cause excesive wear and a shorter engine life.

In order to ensure a proper seal between the cylinder and the case, you must clean up the decking surface.  This requires a special cutter and a high quality drill press or milling machine.  If you are not setup to do this, let us do it for you.

Check out our video on YouTube to see how we do it!


  The customer is responsible for shipping the case both directions.
  Your packing materials must be reusable or we will charge a packing fee.
  Your case must be clean, no oil, dirt or grime or we will charge a cleaning fee.
  The studs must be removed or we will charge a $20 stud removal fee.
  This price does not include return shipping.  Actual shipping amount will be charged when your case is returned.
  This is included with our Bore Case for Larger Cylinders service