Drill and Tap All Oil Galleries

There is simply no way to get your case clean without removing all the gallery plugs. You would be amazed at how much junk we find in some of the blind corners!

Oil is the life blood of your engine.  Clean oil is absolutely critical if you want your engine to last.  The only way to guarantee your does not pick up the junk inside your engine case is to remove the gallery plugs and run brushes down the galleries.  The amount of junk we get out of these cases, even after running them through the parts washer, is amazing.  You should never build a motor, stock or performance, without drilling the gallery plugs to ensure the insides of the case are clean.

  The customer is responsible for shipping the case both directions.
  Your packing materials must be reusable or we will charge a packing fee.
  Your case must be clean, no oil, dirt or grime or we will charge a cleaning fee.
  The studs must be removed or we will charge a $20 stud removal fee.
  This price does not include return shipping.  Actual shipping amount will be charged when your case is returned.