Megajolt/E MK2

Gain full control over your ignition timing with Megajolt/E and eliminate your distributor!

Upgrade to Precision, High-Energy and Tunable Crank-Fired Ignition!

The Megajolt/E is designed to work with the commonly available Ford EDIS 4,6 or 8 cylinder ignition module. Combined with inexpensive and easy to obtain OEM coil pack(s), trigger wheel and crank sensor, you can realize your engine’s potential at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

This latest revision controller is now more compact and rugged, and adds an new auxiliary input for reading a temperature sensor or other signal. Oh, and now an exclusive new enclosure? It looks as sexy as it performs!

Major Features:
  3D ignition mapping: 10×10 ignition advance grid with full linear interpolation smoothing between cells
  Dual, on-the-fly switchable ignition configuration
  Analog auxiliary input to further adjust ignition advance
  Four user-defined output switches, which trigger on RPM, Load or Auxiliary input, plus shift light output
  Modern, easy to use, and customizable Windows-based Configuration/Tuning software
  1000’s of satisfied users worldwide - see the “Powered By” Gallery and the support forum!

Improvements in the new Megajolt/E MK2
The new Megajolt/E MK2 has been evolved to add the features you’ve asked for, while making the system more robust and compact:

  Hard Rev Limiter included!
  USB interface for ease of use: No drivers needed for Windows 10; easy to install drivers for previous versions of Windows.
  Status LEDs for RPM and Ignition Advance signals to aid in diagnostics
  Improved and ruggedized power supply and enhanced transient protection on inputs
  More compact: Just 85 x 85mm
  100% compatible with previous generation Megajolt/E and Megajolt Lite Jr V4 – drops right in!

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