Featured products

4140 Forged Counterweighted Crankshaft

This crank comes in a variety of stroke lengths and is an excellent choice for a stroker street motor on a budget.

Dual Weber IDF Kit - Type-1

This is a genuine Redline Weber kit from Spain. It comes in 3 sizes so they will work on anything from a stock 1500 to your next monster stroker motor.

Engle W Series Cam for 1.1 & 1.25 Rockers

These cams are designed to be used with 1.1 or 1.25 ratio rockers. Always use new lifters when installing a new cam!

Forged Chromoly H-Beam Connecting Rods

These rods come in a variety of length and journal combinations and are an excellent choice for street or strip use. They can handle RPMs of up to 8k!

Hypereutectic Piston & Cylinder Set

This piston & cylinder set comes in a variety of bore and stroke combinations and is a great choice for a budget street motor.

Megajolt/E MK2

Gain full control over your ignition timing with Megajolt/E and eliminate your distributor!

Steel Straight Cut Cam Gears

Straight cut gears eliminate the thrust on your cam which puts more HP to the wheels and less ware on your cam and bearings.

Stock Replacement Engine Case

Why start your restoration with an old used case? This one is brand new with STD size main and cam bearing saddles.