Redline Weber Dual IDF Kit - 40mm for Type-1

This is a genuine Redline Weber kit from Spain. It comes in 3 sizes so they will work on anything from a stock 1600 to your next monster stroker motor.

These Redline Weber kits are made in Spain and are the best quality we can get.  Vintage Volks will disassemble each carburetor, clean out the bowls and set the floats before shipping the set to you.  That way you know it is right before you pull it out of the box.  They come with everything you need to convert from the stock carburetor to dual 2 barrel carbs for better power and fuel efficiency. 

  A pair of genuine Redline Weber carburetors
  Chrome air cleaner tops and bottoms
  Chrome velocity stacks (except 40mm kits)
  Thick manifolds so you can port them to match your heads
  Steel cross bar and down rod linkage
  All the required hardware

  Aircooled VW Type 1

Available Sizes: